Boondocking and Conserving Water

I can't believe that you can boondock on Forestry or BLM land for 14 days at a time and for free!! The downside to that is you have to haul your own food and water in and when you leave haul all your waste and garbage out with you. That takes some skill and planning and I'm working on that right now.

Water is a valuable commodity to any RV'er not hopping from one RV park hookup to another. The boondocker knows that a Gallon of water weighs eight Pounds and there's only so much your tank will hold and the more you carry, the lower to the ground you travel and the lower your gas mileage. So, you pack what you can and you use it wisely. This leads me nicely onto my latest purchase.

If you cook then you have to eventually do the washing up and that takes water, and water is a precious commodity remember so you want to use as little as possible. And if you cook outside a lot as I like to do then wouldn't it be nice to take care of dirty plates and pans out there? Last week I watched a walkthrough of a lady converting an ambulance into a camper, she had what looked like the perfect solution, I found it on Amazon, bought it without knowing if it would fit my Casita sink, well it does and it is awesome. It features an integrated drain plug, collapses, uses much less water and looks very modern. Well pleased!