I finally bought a Casita camper!

It started with a rough night in a tent last summer. I told myself I'm too old to be sleeping on the ground in a field! I really do like a comfortable bed and there's a good chance I'll want to get up to use the bathroom during the night, none of which seemed to fit the tent model. Other folk at the overnight event had brought camping trailers of assorted shapes and sizes and that got me thinking.

Upon getting home I researched, oh how I researched! So many horror stories about traditional wood frame cabers literally rotting from the inside out, even owners of well used campers putting their foot through rotten flooring, that wasn't for me. Then fiberglass crossed my radar and it seemed to be a better fit, basically if you don't drill holes in it then it won't leak and it certainly won't rot. Of the available brands I kept landing on the Casita out of Rice Texas. The 17 foot model with an integrated wet shower and toilet was calling to me, but they are few and far between in Oregon but the search was on!

Online scams, the Casita seems to be a target as I kept encountering the same image describing different camera that all seemed way too cheap, and if there's one thing I'd already learned about the Casita is that it keeps it's value like an Airstream. After four months of looking I found a Casita 2015 17' Spirit Deluxe with my name on it, and so I bought her. Let the adventures begin!


I went wild buying accessories and add-ons from Amazon, eBay and specialist camping stores. Did I need everything? No, I didn't, and many of the items I couldn't return and so sit in my garden shed unloved and unneeded. And so on this page I'm going to detail all the add-ons, modifications and purchases that have enhanced my Casita life.