Upgrading the stock Casita Thermostat

It didn't take long into my Casita ownership to realize that while the frame and body are rock solid, the fitments are low-end and often downright cheap and nasty. A case in point is the analogue heater thermostat, that nasty little bi-metallic thing that seems to cycle the heater way more than it should. Twenty minutes research located a battery powered digital thermostat with a backlit display that would fit over the existing mounting holes of my existing thermostat. The entire swap out took about 15 minutes and requires you remove just two wires, drill out the old rivets, position the backplate of the new thermostat, fix with two new rivets, re-connect the two wires, add the batteries, pop the front cover and you're done. The backlist display only comes on when you tap either an up or down button. The replacement is silent, modern looking, really easy to read in the dark because of the backlighting. Also I don't think my heater now cycles as much as it did before. So cheap at just under $30.